Take Control of Your Projects

Designed for the building and construction industry, Workbench helps you manage projects with ease. Maximise resources and minimise your risks to boost profits.

Management Software Designed for Running Projects With Your MYOB ERP system.

myob erp workbench

Workbench is management software designed to meet the day-to-day operational requirements of businesses delivering projects.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo, Workbench helps your business remove your reliance on spreadsheets and manual systems – all while increasing productivity levels and accuracy of project reporting.

And since it is cloud-based, you can access project information from any device anywhere, any time.

Maximise Your Resources

Projects are always complex. And rarely the same. This makes providing clients with progress reports difficult – often resulting in countless spreadsheets. Not to mention payroll processes. That’s where Workbench steps in.

Adaptable and capable, Workbench can be configured to meet your complex needs. Enable your team to take total control of projects with real-time data visibility, while removing the need to re-enter data – which increases data accuracy.

If your industry is civil, construction, services or engineering, the answer is simple. Workbench provides you with a comprehensive and cost effective management solution.

Make informed decisions

Workbench provides your MYOB ERP solution with a modern approach to project management that makes things easier and more accurate.

Without the right tools, projects fall behind schedule, go over budget, and cause your business to overextend itself. That’s why you need a comprehensive solution. The success of your projects has direct impact on your bottom line.

By collecting business data, Workbench provides insight into how you can deliver jobs better, increase utilisation, minimise risks and more.

myob workbench

Features and Benefits

+ Modern intuitive user interface

HTML5 mobile optimised framework

Fully open JSON REST API

On-premise or Hosted

SSRS Reporting

Integrates with MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced

+ Client and Sub Contract Management

+ Quoting and Estimating

+ Plant Management

+ Document Control

+ Browser Timesheets

+ Expense claims

Workbench is perfect for the following sectors

+ Civil

+ Roading

+ Mining

+ Landscaping

+ Plumbing and Drainage

+ Painting

+ Boat Building

Smart Homes

+ Commercial Building

+ Residential Building

Electrical Contracting



Consulting Engineering

+ Drafting

Building Surveying

Take Control of Your Projects

If you want to remove your reliance on spreadsheets and manual systems – all while increasing productivity levels and the accuracy of project reporting, Workbench is for you.

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