Excel-based reporting for MYOB advanced – Velixo adds numerous functions specially designed to work with General Ledger and Project data.

Excel-based reporting for MYOB Advanced

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Working as an Excel plugin, Velixo Reports is the only reporting tool of its kind designed for MYOB Advanced.

Unique. Intuitive. Lightening fast. Velixo allows you to leverage the unique capabilities of MYOB Advanced and bring your data to life in Excel.

With Velixo you can start building financial and project reports in Excel with live data in minutes.

The bridge that links Excel to Your MYOB Advanced Data

How does Velixo work?

Velixo adds a toolbar to Excel with over 45 essential functions designed to work with your GL and Project data.

Thanks to a seamless integration – getting started is a breeze. Simply connect using your MYOB Advanced login details and you’re good to go.

View Live Results While Building Reports

Using Velixo means having the most up-to-date data at your fingertips. And the changes you make to formulas and cells are instantly reflected in your spreadsheet.

Update cells. View P&L’s of other branches. Run different financial periods. It’s the Excel you use every day, enhanced with new features.

You can even track travel expenses for a project over time, by copying the column to the right and every formula will follow.


+ Easily connect Excel to MYOB Advanced

+ No learning curve

+ Live results and fast display

+ Consolidations with full details

+ Unified security model

Save Days of Work with Smart Refresh

Say goodbye to manual exports and entries – Velixo ensures you always have up-to-date information thanks to Smart Refresh. New data is updated quickly so you can refresh even the most complex report in seconds.

Create Reports That Matter

Cash flow statements, sales dashboards, budgets, allocation and accrual calculations, intercompany sales eliminations, project progress reports to name a few. Any spreadsheet that requires GL or PM data will benefit from Velixo.

Everything is designed to be easy and intuitive. So adding charts, graphics and KPIs into any spreadsheet is a breeze.

Get to the bottom of everything with Smart Drilldown

Rich insight into data referenced in a calculation is just one right-click away. You can drilldown all the way to the original document and review any note, activity or files attached.

Analyse formula cells that reference other cells; such as a Gross Profit or Net Income calculations and see where the functions were found.

With Velixo it’s Easy to Consolidate Data From Multiple Sources

Multiple companies, multiple tenants, public cloud, private cloud or on-premise installations of Acumatica – Velixo can consolidate your data in a single Excel spreadsheet while maintaining full history. If you can access it from your web browser, Velixo can connect to it.

Protect Privacy and Security

You can restrict access to specific roles and users, change access rights, create account and subaccount restriction groups for complete control over who has access to what.


No Learning Curve

If you know how to use Excel, then you can use Velixo Reports.


Unlimited Flexibility

Create any type of financial or project report.

Lightning Fast Display

Seconds is all it takes for your data is loaded and refreshed.

Want to know more about Velixo?

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