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Running a business doesn’t leave you a lot of spare time for payroll. if this sounds like you, Sage WageEasy can help. Simple and intuitive in design. Get your tasks done without the need of a payroll expert.

Simple, efficient and compliant.

Sage WageEasy is one of the leading payroll software systems on the Australian market. And with good reason – it’s designed for Australian small and medium-sized enterprises that require a user-friendly and comprehensive payroll and HR software system. It is specially developed for Australian employment conditions and has helped thousands of businesses automate and streamline their payroll and HR functions.


Sage WageEasy ensures that you accurately pay your employees in line with modern awards and EBA’s (Enterprise Bargaining Agreement). Sage WageEasy incorporates a built-in award interpreter that helps automate complex calculationsfor you, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.


Sage WageEasy is regulary updated to ensure that the software is always compliant. This includes software updates that reflect the regulatory, legislative and tax changes as well as annual updates to selected modern awards to provide current wage rates.


Running a business doesn’t leave you a lot of spare time for payroll. That’s why Sage WageEasy is simple. An intuitive design means you do not need to be an expert at payroll to get your tasks done.


Sage WageEasy’s payroll and HRM software system is easy to use, intuitive and integrated with your employees’ human resources data. Featuring a powerful award interpretation function, Wage Easy simplifies the process of paying your employees.

Key Features

Big capabilities for your business

+ Award Interpretation
Remove the need for manual calculations with our built-in award interpreter that is configured in accordance with modern awards and EBA’s

+ Flexible Reporting
Make informed decisions on workforce costs with flexible reporting capabilities

+ Streamlined Superannuation
Benefit from automatic superannuation contribution calculations for each employee

+ Single Touch Payroll Ready
Sage WageEasy software is up-to-date with the latest payroll legislation and regulations, including GDPR

+ People Management
Efficiently manage your workforce and meet your human resources obligations with the ability to automatically email pay advice and payment summaries to your employees

+ Timesheet Import
Import timesheets into Sage WageEasy to exchange data between third-party business systems such as time and attendance, rostering, clock card and point of sale systems

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