This is what happens when BCNA, one of Australia’s leading charities moves to the cloud.

Widely recognised for its innovative fundraising activities, the ever-increasing complexity of managing its revenue streams was putting serious pressure on their business systems. As a result, BCNA reached out to Axsys and moved up to MYOB Advanced.

Get your FREE MYOB Advanced Demo:

Get your FREE MYOB Advanced Demo:

The Challenge

A system not geared for future changes

In 2016, BCNA generated about $8m in income from federal government grants, community fundraising, corporate support, donations, merchandising and investments. A partnership with Baker’s Delight that has run for more than 15 years has generated some $16 million in revenue, but as part of a future-proofing exercise, BCNA has been looking to further diversify its revenue streams.

Managing all of these fundraising projects was starting to become too much for their Exo system.

“Financial reporting was very basic and in recent years the size of our organisation has doubled. With more donations coming from philanthropic organisations and trusts, the level of detail that we need to provide in our reports has increased.”

The Solution

Upgrade to MYOB Advanced

“The consultants we dealt with were more than accommodating. They helped us work through the issues we had with Exo and showed how we could design Advanced to both help us now and into the future.”

BCNA trusted the MYOB brand so MYOB Advanced was an obvious choice. Upon initial impressions, BCNA could tell that Advanced’s reporting and integration capabilities were just what they were after.

One of the main things BCNA wanted to implement a sub-accounts structure within Advanced, to handle the issue of project management. Being a not-for-profit, BCNA wanted the capability to produce reports based on any dimension within a project, such as Event, Programme, Source and Funder.

The Outcome

Project Costing Achieved

For BCNA, Salesforce captures about 80% of their income, so integration with Advanced reduces data entry and the risk of errors, while delivering a transparent audit trail. Advanced also opens up a path to great autonomy for system users in accessing live information.

By utilising the project costing capabilities of Advanced, BCNA are now able to set up projects and break them down into various revenue streams, delivering detailed accounts for projects that can run for periods ranging from several months to three years.

Thanks to MYOB Advanced, BCNA also has the drill down capability they desperately longed for, and they can deliver transparent information and handle future growth. In addition, Advanced is a cloud-based system, which saved BCNA significant infrastructure and data migration costs, with the bonus of being able to access the system from anywhere.

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Before Advanced:

  • Lack of depth in reporting
  • Slow data entry and recovery
  • Difficulty handling revenue streams
  • Lack of capacity for future expansion

After Advanced:

  • Drill-down capability for greater detail in reporting
  • Integration with CRM speeds up data management
  • Sub-accounts structure enables better revenue control
  • Future-proofed for greater efficiency
  • Better information delivery

Download the full case study:

Download the full case study:

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