MYOB Exo Business

MYOB Exo Business

MYOB Exo is a fully integrated financial and business management solution. Adaptive. Responsive. Efficient. Its flexible design allows you to create a solution that meets all your business needs from Financial Management, CRM, Business Process Management, Supply Chain & Distribution, Job Costing, Stock Management, Payroll & HR, Business Intelligence and so much more.

Growth through tailored insight and control

MYOB Exo Business is a fully integrated financial and business management system that covers all the functional areas of your business. At its very core, MYOB Exo provides a complete and rich set of accounting, sales order processing, purchasing and reporting functionality and more.

A true business management system gives insight into your entire operation. And that’s exactly what MYOB Exo Business does: it gives you the ‘big picture’ info needed to make informed business decisions.

Intuitive. Modern. Customisable. MYOB Exo’s dashboards, charts and reports all work together to give you a unified deep look at performance throughout. So you can manage your business in an organised, efficient manner.

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Greater Insight

View and analyse inventory management, project costings, HR, Payroll and every other aspect of your entire operation, for a genuine, detailed snapshot of your business. Better insight leads to better decisions.

Ultimate Flexibility

When your business grows or diversifies you need solutions with the functionality to integrate seamlessly with existing systems. Solutions that grow with you, not against you.

More Control

Imagine being able to view status, job cost and profitability in real time. With precise, thorough reporting and information at your fingertips 24/7, take control of your business and plan ahead with MYOB Exo Business.

Increase Opportunities

One of the keys to growing any business is continuing to grow the bottom line. It’s all about turning greater profits into greater opportunities through MYOB Exo Business.

The MYOB Exo Platform:

The MYOB Exo Platform is based on a modular design which makes it highly configurable. This allows our team to create a truly bespoke ERP solution which can meet all your own unique business process requirements.

In terms of its design, at the centre of the platform is the core module Exo Finance. This powerful business accounting and distribution management module provides complete visibility across your entire business – helping you make informed and timely decisions that are essential to the success of your business. You can manage your business processes, data, staff, customers and suppliers in an efficient and organised manner.

MYOB Exo boasts an extensive list of features to handle importing, exporting and foreign exchange. For example: the Job Costing module accurately reflects the true cost of jobs, from quoting all the way through to supply. While MYOB Exo CRM integrates with accounting and finance data, allowing you achieve better sales processes, increase efficiencies and improve your bottom line.

Based on your specific business, MYOB Exo will improve your processes and operational efficiencies across all departments. MYOB Exo can even be hosted in the cloud.

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A flexible and scalable business solution

Built on a flexible SQL database, MYOB Exo Business features a suite of management solutions that allow us to deliver you a solution that takes the stress out of business admin.

Scalability ensured: MYOB Exo Business meets the needs of your business today and can adapt to your needs tomorrow. When you’re thinking bigger, they’re all the tools you need.

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MYOB Exo Modules


Exo Finance provides a rich set of accounting, sales order processing and reporting functionality.


Manage your customers and sales opportunities with this team-based CRM solution for MYOB Exo.

Job Costing


See the lifecycle of a job from quote, budget through to profitability analysis and variance reporting.

Exo OnTheGo

MYOB Exo OnTheGo is the new mobile app designed specifically for sales staff and account managers.

Payroll & HR

Exo Payroll is an integrated solution to give you complete visibility and control of your payroll costs.

Exo Intercompany

Easily manage multiple company databases for faster, simpler financial reporting.

Retail POS

Exo Retail Point Of Sale provides you with powerful retail features for a total business solution.

Fixed Assets

Exo Fixed Assets keeps track of depreciation schedules, maintenance and valuable assets in your GL.

EXO Backup

ExoBackup allows you to securely and reliably backup your Exo databases and custom forms/reports to the cloud.

Accountant Assist

Exo Accountant’s Assistant will enable you to check the financial health of your business at any time.

Serviceable Units

Serviceable Units completely integrates with Job Costing to help better manage the end to end process of serving items.

3rd Party Apps

Explore the wide range of third party applications and products available for your MYOB ERP software solution.

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