MYOB Exo Business 2019.4.1 Release

2020.1 Release

MYOB Exo Business

The latest release of MYOB Exo version 2020.1, has officially been released. This new release builds on the significant groundwork that MYOB developed in the previous version of Exo, 2019.4.1.

2019.4.1 saw the introduction Unicode text support, meaning you can use foreign language characters throughout the product. There were also security enhancements; compatibility with contemporary operating systems and database management systems; and interoperability with cloud services and with Microsoft productivity tools.

2019.4.1 also saw enhancements to the user interface and incorporated new spelling checker. And lastly, a new feature to search for debtor and creditor invoices using invoice numbers and transaction references was added.

All of these features and functions laid down the groundwork for MYOB Exo 2020.1.

MYOB Exo 2019.4.1

New and improved features

What’s new?

The bulk of the changes in Exo 2019.4.1 are in the database and relate to how text fields are stored in the database. The Exo Business user interfaces now support Unicode so you can now add, edit, import, report and search on information containing non-Western scripts – for example, a customer address in Japanese or alternate stock descriptions in simplified Chinese or Thai.

In 2020.1, MYOB Exo has been updated to further simplify your business life and give your system agility in an increasingly competitive, complex and rapidly changing business landscape.

A Modern and Fresh New Look

A modern and highly intuitive makeover. The new user interface in Exo has been redesigned to deliver an amazing user experience. Modules are now more beautiful and intelligent than ever. So your everyday tasks are easier than ever.

The changes apply to the following:

  • Debtors, Creditors, and Non Accounts
  • Stock
  • Contacts
  • Sales Orders, Invoices, and Payment Entry
  • Purchase Orders, Inwards Goods, and Creditor Invoicing
  • Bill of Materials
  • General Ledger

A New Level of Technology

Optimised, re-engineered and streamlined to increase overall functionality and provide the agility to remain competitive.

New Spelling Checker

The spelling checker works with note, narrative, memo, and message fields throughout the Exo system. 

Greater Control Over Automatic Period Locking at EOM

A new Auto Lock Periods option to the Period Statuses screen in Exo Business Configurator.

Handling of Extra Search Fields and Extra Fields

Extra search fields declarations are converted to Unicode as part of the database update process. Exo now recognises them as string fields so column names can display non-Western characters.

Greater Security & Privacy

Enhanced security features to better protect your data against tampering and greater control over access to your data.


Invoice Search on Debtor and Creditor Payments Screens

You can now search for debtor and creditor invoices based on their invoice numbers or their transaction references.


Reviewing Blocked Automatic Reversal

Improved the prompts for unrealised gain/loss postings as part of the period end process. You can now preconfigure the default answer as well as disable the prompt.

User Interface Changes

Exo 2019.4.1 introduces minor tweaks to the look and feel of the user interface throughout Exo Business.

The benefits of upgrading to the latest version

MYOB Exo 2020.1

Comply with new government regulations

New government regulations and legislations pass each year. They usually focus on how you pay your staff or the security of your data. As these new legislations roll in, your software needs to comply with these regulations. Your ERP software vendor works to ensure that the software you use remains compliant with new laws or changes to them. That’s why it is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest version. Versions that are several years old may no longer be compliant.

Boost automation

An upgrade could provide you with time-saving features that improve the way you run your business. Software systems are continually automating manual tasks and removing unnecessary paperwork, allowing you to focus on what matters most and furthering business success. Additional features like new reports, data entry
automation tools or even a simple check box, could become time saving features you’ll never be able to benefit from if you don’t upgrade to the latest version.

Safeguard your data

Your ERP software vendor will always look to enhance the security of your system in consideration of new technology threats and government regulations. It is important to consider the measures that you have currently in place to safeguard your data. Upgrading to the latest version of your ERP software is the best defence when it comes to data protection.

Older versions may no longer be supported

The ERP software version some businesses may be using could be several years old. Your ERP software vendor focuses their attention to improve the current version. In time, the vendor won’t have the bandwidth to support older versions. To ensure the version you are using is fully supported and compliant, upgrade to the latest version.

Run at optimal performance

Upgrades may include performance improvements in addition to new features or compliance updates. If a feature within your ERP solution is running slow or a report is taking too long to download, upgrading to the newest version could resolve these performance issues.

Enrich the user experience

The latest version of your ERP system can enrich the user experience. New UI updates that enhance the look and responsiveness of the product can help increase usability and productivity for you and your colleagues.

Stay competitive

If you are adamant in keeping the same version you have been using for years, then there is a risk that you can get left behind. Your competitors could be using the latest software which could automate how they run their business and enhance how they interact with their customers. There is a possibility that you can run the risk
of falling behind or have customers move to competitors who use the latest technology and provide a faster, more accurate and personalised experience.

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