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If you’re in the Construction industry, ERP software can help you increase your margins and tighten your project control from estimating through closeout. Find out how using cloud ERP solutions for the construction industry can help general contractors, homebuilders, subcontractors, specialty contractors, and land developers improve their bottom line.

Real-time visibility wherever you build

Benefits of ERP software for the Construction Industry

Organise Your Business

Manage projects, costs, and company-wide capacity. Link opportunities, contracts, schedules, budgets, change orders, subcontracts and compliance all from one screen.

When all team members having a “single source of the truth” in one location, decisions are made more efficiently and effectively.

Document Management

Cloud ERP can help you manage your plans, contracts, specifications, submittals, emails, change orders, photos, spreadsheets, inspection reports, and more.

By utilising role-based access security, documents can be shared with internal and external users to improve collaboration.

myob advanced construction edition dashboard
myob advanced construction edition dashboard

Take Charge of Every Project

Keep everything in schedule, identify problems early and update plans, deliveries, crews, and equipment requirements as needed. ERP software will also help you manage employee results by tracking details by sub-job to address needs and reward strong performers!

Manage Financials

ERP software can help you forecast and manage costs, payroll, overheads, profits, cash, and taxes accurately, using revenue balance, percentage completed, and completed contract accounting – with multiple entities, currencies, and languages.

You may even manage subcontractors and materials, e.g., using purchase requisitions, inventory control, and advanced warehousing for stored materials. Analyze data with embedded Microsoft Excel and Power BI capabilities.

Grow Your Business

With an ERP you can use CRM apps for new project, tenant improvement, and remodel opportunities; issue tracking for customer changes; and provide web portals and field service for customer service and warranty. Quickly review project status, contracts, materials, changes, and warranty details using phones and tablets to keep customers satisfied and management up to date.

Project Cost Tracking

ERP may help you gain insight into your cost budget, including cost to complete, cost at completion, and percentage of completion. Compare actual to budgeted figures.


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