MYOB Advanced Business

MYOB Advanced Business + People

MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Advanced People are two separate, standalone solutions. But they can be implemented as a single, unified platform, so you get even more power and functionality when you use them together.

MYOB Advanced Business

What is MYOB Advanced?

MYOB Advanced is a cloud business management platform transforming the way Australian businesses work. At the core are two product suites: MYOB Advanced Business and MYOB Advanced People.

Combine them for an integrated ERP and payroll solution where information flows between functions, reducing duplication of effort, manual data entry and provides real-time business insights – taking business productivity to the next level.

Transform the way you work:

Enjoy enhanced reporting, available in real time. A breeze to set up. Even easier to customise to meet the unique needs of your business and staff.

Accessible from anywhere, anytime, on any internet-enabled device. Simply connect online and you’re good to go.

Features remote access for accountants and advisors, all while keeping your business secure – allowing you to track, audit company files and more.

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The MYOB Advanced platform

The MYOB Advanced platform offers you all the power and flexibility your business could ever need. Available in three feature-packed, expandable editions, Advanced Business is the smarter, more flexible and affordable cloud ERP choice.


To ensure you have the right system for your business requirements, there’s 3 editions of MYOB Advanced available: Standard, Plus and Enterprise. This means there’s no need to pay for features you don’t yet need, while giving you the option to easily scale up as you grow.


MYOB Advanced Business Standard

MYOB Advanced standard is perfect for businesses who have outgrown off-the-shelf accounting software. It’s a simple, adaptable, cloud ERP software solution.


MYOB Advanced Business Plus

MYOB Advanced Plus is the perfect ERP software for larger, complex businesses requiring company-wide insights to make quick, educated business decisions.


MYOB Advanced Business Enterprise

MYOB Advanced Enterprise edition is for businesses that need to manage multiple large-scale operations. Find out how you can transform your business now!

Advance your success with the cloud

Business life made easy

The MYOB Advanced suite is a fully integrated and customisable business management solution, designed to meet the cloud computing needs of a growing business.

Amazon Web Services

The MYOB Advanced suite is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is considered as one of the world’s leading cloud IT infrastructure providers who provide a high performing, robust and secure application set to make clients’ business life easier.

No hardware to maintain reduces costs

MYOB Advanced delivers extensive functionality without the need for complex and expensive servers or your own data centre. Together with simple implementation, this has made accessing a highly functional business management system a reality for more Australian businesses.

myob advanced payroll

Straightforward monthly pricing

The MYOB Advanced platform is available for a convenient monthly payment. This makes it easier to plan and manage your business expenses throughout the year.

Flexibility to change with you

As your business grows, so does its complexity and the need to invest in more capable business management software. The fully customisable MYOB Advanced platform is designed to meet your current business requirements while being flexible enough to meet future demands.

Get access on the go, anywhere, anytime.

Working from any device,all you need is a web browser and internet connection to access real time information, wherever and whenever you want.

Features and benefits

Financial Management

Enjoy a full suite of financial analysis reports, including GST and BAS reporting. Manage and understand your cash position with cash flow forecasting and reporting, and inter-company consolidation. In addition, simplify business management with a range of other tools such as:

+ Enterprise level financial and budgeting features.

+ Full support and handling for multi-currency

+ Fixed asset management.

+ Debt collection, payment installments and a range of other tools.

Integrated CRM and Customer Service

MYOB Advanced provides an integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and customer service suite to help you maintain and manage a database of contacts, clients, and prospects in an efficient manner. This allows you to manage leads that can be easily converted to sales orders.

+ Maintain a database of prospects, customers and contacts.

+ Manage leads and easily convert to sales orders.

Create marketing lists and email campaigns to prospects and customers.

+ Collect leads from your website.

Track service cases and tasks logged by your customers.

+ Publish a knowledge base via the customer portal.

Comprehensive Project Accounting

Track and report on projects, task break downs and project budgets with MYOB Advanced’s comprehensive Project Accounting suite.

+ Automated project billing.

Allocate transactions and costs from other modules directly to projects.

+ Employees can enter time and expenses from mobile devices.

Distribution and Inventory Management

Manage the complexities of distribution such as purchasing ordering, tracking, and inventory management with MYOB Advanced. Maintain detailed information on your inventory, including cost and selling prices history. Features include: freight Costs, automated shipments, inventory bin/location control and serial numbering, stock transfers, sales and purchase order automation, customer notifications and much more.

+ Track inventory levels and costs across multiple warehouses and locations.

Advanced inventory management features.

+ Manage multiple price lists plus item and order discounting policies.

Streamlined Sales and Purchasing

Give your sales and service teams real-time data to help improve their operations with the support of centrally managed sales activities. Fulfil sales orders, enter quotes, create shipments, apply discounts, track prices and check inventory all in one place to improve your overall ordering, fulfilment and delivery processes.

+ End-to-end sales order and back order management.

End-to-end purchase order and landed cost tracking.

+ Advanced purchasing features.

+ Interactive portal for customers to download invoices and statements.

Is MYOB Advanced right for you?

When you’re evaluating ERP systems you will have to consider cost, availability and quality of support. Many companies choose cloud-based solutions primarily because this will lessen their dependency on IT resources and give them certainty around cash-flow. In addition,cloud-based ERP solutions provide best in class security, server redundancy measures and data and power-supply back-ups through the data centres which host the cloud solutions and provide 24/7 guarded access.

Ready to take the next step? To find out how moving to the cloud can help your business move forward and discuss how MYOB Advanced could dramatically improve your business, fill out the contact form and one of our team will get back to you.

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