Making Business Better Through Investment
For our clients ‘We Make Business Better’. For our team – We Make Work Beautiful. Read on.
Over the past few years Axsys offices have evolved to create healthier and more aesthetically pleasing surroundings for our team. Gone is the uninspired traditional office. Replaced by modern open spaces that cultivate collaboration: helping us work better as a team and provide better client service.

With a team of over 50 members, Axsys is spread over 3 offices in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

“We believe a high quality work environment is crucial for client service to excel.”
Design. More than just good looks
When it came to design, we consulted with renowned office design company Contour Commercial Interiors to create work spaces that closely aligned with our vision – to put the needs of our team and clients first. The cutting-edge design of Axsys offices is based on three foundations. Collaboration. Communication. Flexibility.
Modern materials like glass and concrete blend with natural fibres and wood to create aesthetically pleasing spaces with a colour scheme inspired by our logo: blue and grey.

In Melbourne, wood flooring and different textures gently mark out spaces and areas in the office. While in Hobart, pod style seating arrangements allow our Support team to freely exchange ideas and solutions.

With a fresh contemporary look and feel, we’ve redesigned the concept of the traditional office to create an inviting space that offers a variety of flexible work options. For those who prefer not to sit all day we have standing desks, which can be raised or lowered.

We offer communal lunch areas and open, spacious kitchens equipped with all the modern amenities from automatic coffee machines to microwaves and more. Not to forget fresh fruit available for all on a daily basis.

Whether it’s a morning latte or a green tea, our lunch areas are a relaxing space for our team to catch-up, bounce ideas or just have a casual chat. This is the place for birthday celebrations too.

Naturally, technology is what connects Axsys together.
All our offices are connected with state-of-the-art technology. High speed internet allows for crystal clear conferencing between offices through High Definition projectors that wirelessly connect to large wall-mounted LED screens and laptops – allowing screens to be shared from office to office. This makes meetings with clients and teams across Axsys even easier.
Enter any Axsys office and you’ll hear music streaming from Sonos ceiling speakers – strategically placed to ensure music is always present, but never disturbing. We see music as an essential part of human life – leading us to experience higher levels of happiness. What backs our belief? Researchers have found that music leads people to be more productive, cooperative, and happier in their place of employment.

All things we champion at Axsys.

Bringing nature inside.
You may also notice a plant or two in some of our office photos – There’s a reason for this. Did you know that having just one office plant reduces stress and makes people feel better, while increasing creativity and productivity? According to science it does> 

Plus everyone loves a good desk plant!

More than a job, a career at Axsys is a future
Working at Axsys means having a secure and future-proof career, the ability to move across several cities as your life plan evolves, and the knowledge that your work matters.

The result? Many of our team members have been with Axsys over 10 years, and there’s no sign of this changing. This goes against trends showing 75% of Millennials leave their jobs within two years of starting.

How are we going against this trend?
We recognise our team is crucial to our success. That’s why it’s important for us to create and promote a fun and collaborative business culture where our team is excited and inspired to come into work, and motivated to stay with us.

From career and training development to work-life balance perks, being a part of Axsys means having all the resources needed for success.

For our clients, this all translates to a better service experience, better response times, and better outcomes. This is what Axsys does. We Make Business Better.

See yourself at Axsys?

Our team doesn’t just provide support, sell and implement products, We Make Business Better. It’s our united dedication to achieving this goal that makes us stand out from the crowd. Want to be part of that?
Office locations:


Situated in the leafy eastern suburb of Camberwell, our Melbourne office has phenomenal views of the area. Large windows and an open plan allow light to travel freely – creating an environment perfectly suited to assist clients.


Located a stone’s throw away from the beautiful South Terrace Parks, our Adelaide office is home to the majority of our development team who bask in the city’s outstanding music, food, and vibrant cultural diversity.


Set against the picturesque backdrop of Mt Wellington, our Hobart office is located at 100 Melville Street, right in the heart of the CBD. While Hobart is the hub of our Support and IT teams, you’ll also find implementers, developers and marketing team members here.