ERP for NFP, NGOs,

and Charities

Running a sustainable not for profit (NFP) organisation is challenging. From finding suitable members and donors to running logistics, managing grants and controlling expenditure, there are many factors involved.

And that’s just scratching the surface. Charities, NFPs and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) can be just as competitive and complex as commercial enterprises. If not more so.

Structurally, NFPs and businesses share similar internal processes – from reporting to purchasing, selling, and payroll to name a few.

However, NFPs often need to report to stakeholders, meet stricter reporting requirements, and manage projects between internal and external parties. All while staying abreast of government schemes, funding, regulations and policies.

Why? Because when it comes to doing something for the greater good, whether it be funding to cure a disease, peoples rights, helping animals, or providing resources and information to people in need, every cent counts. And it needs to be accounted for.

Much like any professional services business, project management and programs are at the heart of NFPs. And that’s why MYOB ERP solutions are the perfect fit.

Achieve your mission and focus on what really matters with MYOB ERP>


Spend less time on the business, and more on your work

Empower your Not-for-profit Organisations (NFP), Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Charity, Advocacy group, Industry association, or community group with MYOB ERP.

Manage all your staff and volunteers

Complete your pay runs and manage employees and contractors. All in a few clicks.

Integrate your fundraiser and donor management software

Easily bring your software into ours, so you can have all your administration needs working together.

Get paid faster

Create smart invoices where customers pay you directly with AMEX, Visa, Mastercard or BPAY.

Track your donors and members

Create easy-to-read reports to see who your donors are, and how much they donate.

“Financial reporting was very basic and in recent years the size of our organisation has doubled. With more donations coming from philanthropic organisations and trusts, the level of detail that we need to provide in our reports has increased.”
Allison Southwell

Head of Corporate Services, Breast Cancer Network Australia

For BCNA the increasing complexity of managing revenue streams was putting serious pressure on their BMS. As a result they moved up to MYOB Advanced.

Creating a better foundation for change

Donors want proof that their donations are making a positive impact before making a second donation. That’s why a smart and flexible ERP solution is so important to measure performance and keep costs in check. MYOB ERP solutions helps NFPs, NGOs and Charities achieve these 3 crucial goals:

Accounting Integrity
NFPS face stricter reporting requirements. You need to ensure you meet all your regulatory tax requirements and obligations. Some businesses also need to report in numerous currencies, from multiple locations. MYOB ERP can help you mange 100’s of projects , records and reports so you can track budgets in real time.
Transparency is one of the most important benefits for NFPs. Gain an accurate version of your financial health. Create reports as needed to provide transparent information. This is especially important when dealing with funding sources and carrying out audits.
Meet reporting requirements
Prepare statements to present the result of activities, show funding balances, and adapt your reporting needs to meet the requirements of the management board, and requirements of stakeholders such as donors, regulatory agencies and internal and external auditing bodies.

We help NFPs, NGOs and charities succeed.

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