Excel based reporting for easy, affordable business intelligence for businesses.

Alchemex offers Excel based reporting for easy, affordable business intelligence for businesses

Alchemex Business Intelligence

In today’s business, analytical and data reporting is increasingly important to remaining competitive in fast changing markets. To stay competitive these reports need one thing: real-time data. It also helps if they are easy to use – which is exactly what Alchemex provides the user.

Alchemex is a business reporting tool that can be used for standard reporting or data analysis. Developed for quick and simple deployment, Alchemex can be up and running within minutes. Accessible online, Alchemex also comes with powerful, ready-to-use templates for free.

By bringing all your reporting needs together, Alchemex allows you to focus on analysing data and making decisions based on current information. Take the stress out of report creation and streamline your reporting processes.

Business Intelligence made easy

How does it work?

Alchemex extracts data and reporting information from your MYOB ERP solution to help you create reports and analyse data. The standard administrator module can be used to consolidate any number of companies or by using the features within the Administrator tool information from one or many external data sources can also be included in your reports.

Standard Reports are automatically rendered directly into the familiar Microsoft Excel environment so very little additional training is required to run, create or customize existing reports.


+ Create professional looking custom reports based on live data

+ Automate reports across your businesses

+ Create and distribute custom reports

+ Uses Microsoft Excel interface

+ Use templates to create reports quickly

+ Be up and running within minutes

Alchemex Online Academy

Develop your report writing and analysis skills

Get the most out of Alchemex by utilising the online training resources so you can get the most of your investment. Alchemex reports can be produced in different formats such as pdf, html or distributed directly via email, for users with more advanced requirements OLAP and web deployment is also available.

If you require any additional end-user or CC training, the Alchemex Online Academy is a fantastic place to start. This online training caters for product related training as well as skill development for report writing and analysis. Not only do you get access to the Alchemex Online Academy but a number of support structures are made available to you.

Want to know more about Alchemex?

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