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Serviceable Units

Better manage and track the end to end process of servicing items.

Exo Business Serviceable Units

If your business uses serial numbers, Exo Business Serviceable Units will track the purchase and sale of an item plus any applicable warranties, service schedules and post-sale client communication using the serviceable unit’s module.

Exo Serviceable Units will also manage the servicing and/or repair of the item using the job costing module, providing an end to end service solution.


Track and link warranties.

Link items to warranties and attach relevant documentation so it’s easier to see the warranty status of items ‘at a glance’, as well as store all data in one central location.

Plan service schedules.

Using a scheduling tool, staff can easily see what items are due for service or have expiring warranties. This allows them to be proactive and optimise customer service.


Store service history of units.

Creating and storing a complete history of units with all the jobs performed on them, allows you to access to job details quickly and report clearly on costs, margins and outlay.

Control and plan services.

Dashboard alerts notify you to any items that are nearing their scheduled service. Look into customer accounts and serviceable units, confirm details and book jobs.

Control, track: Any item.

With Exo Business Serviceable Units you can control and track the full service history of any item, from internal equipment with regular maintenance schedules, to external units needing service under warranty.

Suitability ensured.

Exo Business Serviceable Units is suited for a broad range of medium sized and larger businesses including those that use serial tracking, repair and maintenance, and manage repairs under warranty.


Records a full service history on all stock items

Track and link warranties

Proactively plan service schedules

Record service histories in one location

Complete service history in one location

Easy to read dashboards to control and plan services.

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