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Retail POS

MYOB Exo POS is easily configured to provide complete point-of-sale functionality in any customer-facing sales environment.

Manage shifts and transactions

For businesses requiring greater cash control and reporting by shift, MYOB Exo POS is the ideal solution. Shift control, banking batches, daily floats, and more, all at the touch of a button.

Multiple store and branch support

Easily interact with other stores or branches directly through the retail system. Quickly see stock at each location, and easily move items to meet demand.

Better manage inventory and sales

MYOB Exo POS seamlessly integrates with your inventory and debtor management systems providing instant, accurate updates at point of sale.

Seamless Integration.

MYOB Exo Point Of Sale is an additional module that seamlessly integrates with MYOB Exo Finance. In a customer-facing sales environment – whether face-to-face, online or both – MYOB Exo POS can be easily configured to provide your business with complete point-of-sale functionality.

This allows you to efficiently run your entire business, from end-to-end, on the same integrated system, with complete transactional visibility and reliability.

Efficiently Run Your Business.

MYOB Exo’s Finance stock control capabilities translate to automatic updating of stock levels as sales are transacted, support of multiple warehouse sites, access to customer orders, delivery times and much, much more.

Now combine all of this with Exo POS easy-to-use retail interface, along with barcode reader, cash drawer, docket printer, EFTPOS, touch screen and other retail POS hardware integration and you can create a very powerful enterprise retail solution.

EFTPOS integration.

Exo POS integrates with various EFTPOS providers across Australia, providing an entry free solution that prevents the risk of staff entering the incorrect amount into EFTPOS machines.


Exo POS automatically prompts staff with the option to up-sell. You can attach a serial number and track expiry dates, to provide a better service your customers and increase loyalty.


Protect the integrity of each shift and the transactions in it with barcode or electronic log on. Ideal for high transaction environments or where the operator is often away from the register.

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MYOB Exo Business

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