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Customer Relationship Management.

Integration. Accuracy and Flexibility. The perfect customer relationship solution for your business.

Build, Manage, Maintain: Profitable Customer Relationships.

MYOB Exo Business CRM seamlessly integrates with your MYOB Exo Business system. Exo Business CRM allows you to manage all your prospects and customer information from activities; tasks, emails and quotes, through to sales history.

All in one system. This comprehensive integration eliminates the duplication of effort, inconsistencies and subsequent errors generally experienced when using more than one system.

myob crm

Social CRM capability

Leverage the power of social media by using CRM’s campaign functionality. CRM’s social capabilities give you a true 360-degree view of customers and prospects while enabling you to better engage with key stakeholders.

Marketing campaigns

MYOB Exo CRM allows you to manage marketing campaigns from start to finish: tracking costs and ROI. Set up campaign waves, import data lists, and generate and send communications through multiple channels.

Prioritise with My day tool

MYOB Exo Business CRM allow you to plan daily activities; including tasks and opportunities, pipeline, orders and sales performance. With everything visible on a single screen, your day becomes easier to manage.

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MYOB Exo Business

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