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Fixed Assets

Keep track of depreciation schedules, maintenance and valuable assets within your general ledger.

Streamlined Asset Management.

MYOB Exo Fixed Assets is a powerful module that can be purchased which integrates into MYOB Exo Business Finance to effectively manage your assets. Fixed Assets is designed to put you in control of your medium to larger sized business: offering maximum management visibility.

If your business needs to track fixed assets for accounting purposes, such as company vehicles, hardware or office equipment, MYOB Exo Fixed Assets is ideal for you. Track and manage business assets, updating depreciation and revaluations as needed. Get all the tools to manage your assets.

Location and tracking

Exo Fixed Assets allows you to quickly check an asset’s location, who has it, when it’s due for return and when it’s scheduled for maintenance. Your asset information is always up to date with the latest costing or service date.

Asset movements

Managing asset movements is easy. Simply assign and relocate assets with an intuitive drop down menu. The General Ledger automatically updates when an asset is sold or re-valued, giving you a full history of all changes.

Assign parent/child assets

Link one asset to another to track down components of a larger asset with ease, such as manufacturing equipment and machinery.

Make better decisions

Enjoy powerful reporting by asset group, depreciation, revaluation and maintenance. Customise reports: add fields. capture information, via the in-built report writer.

Calculate taxes based on depreciation

Track, book and tax values for up to seven years. And save time by calculating and posting depreciation schedules directly to the General Ledger.

Managing profitability in real time

Use hierarchical functionality to group assets by type and function. Assign default depreciation codes and rates, and asset codes to a specific profit and loss statement on a monthly basis. Ideal for assets spread across branches or offices.

Key features and benefits:

Auto-prompt to load purchased assets to register them.

Capture purchase details, supplier and serial numbers.

Instant updates to General Ledger for maximum visibility.

Customised reporting with the clarity report writer.

Track book and tax values for up to 7 years.

Track maintenance requirements.

Dispose or write-off an asset and much more…

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