MYOB Exo Business

Accountant’s Assistant

Exo Accountant’s Assistant is a hub for accountants to access Exo Finance’s without the need for their own licence.

Specifically designed for accountants.

MYOB Exo’s Accountant’s Assistant is based around a set of comprehensive, yet customisable accounting process flows and corresponding checklists. Intuitive and intelligent. From the checklists, you and your accountant can keep track of your finances and step through the accounting and tax functions.

Specifically designed for accountants, it combines all the functions accountants need into a single, intuitive interface.

Use a set of dashboards showing the financial health of the company and the integrity of EXO at a glance.

Identify any items that may need review or are incomplete.


Use pre-defined checklists to go through processes such as tax returns in a single location.


Access EXO business reports, dashboards and accounting functions.

Customisable, reliable checklists.

MYOB Exo Accountant’s Assistant provides access to the main features of MYOB Exo Finance through a set of customisable checklists. These checklists can be tailored to your individual process requirements as required. With MYOB Exo Accountant’s Assistant checklists, the users within your business are prompted to follow the same processes each time, giving you peace of mind and certainty that activity is streamlined and consistent.

Increase process efficiency.

Checklists offer a visual representation of where you are in a process at any point in time, displaying completed processes, processes requiring further review, and those not yet finished. This creates significant process efficiencies making it easier to complete end-of-period processing. When finalised, the checklist automatically updates and guides you to the next process. This rigor negates the costly effects of a process which has not been followed correctly.

Customisable checklists.

Exo Accountant’s Assistant comes pre-configured with checklists for End of Period, End of Year and Tax Return Processing. However, you can easily create or modify checklists to suit your needs.

A true, one stop shop.

Have your financial information available in one place with common accounting procedures presented in an easy to follow checklist format, saving time in navigating multiple menus and reports.

Minimal training required.

There’s no need for your accountant to learn how to use Exo Finance. Exo Accountant’s Assistant helps them get up to speed fast so you get more efficient end-of-period processing at minimal cost.

Systems integrity.

To ensure that the Exo Business system is always balanced, Exo Accountant’s Assistant provides a set of integrity checks against the Exo database and ledgers.

Financial visibility.

Take comfort in knowing you and your accountant can always review your financial matters with ease, thanks to a broad range dashboards and reports for instant visibility.

Financial review.

With the comprehensive range of financial reports  you can check the financial health of your business at any time. All reports can be customised, exported or imported.

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