3CX Phone System

Slash your Costs

Cut your telecoms bill in half! And slash the costs of buying, expanding and maintaining your PBX.

Easy installation

Thanks to 3CX’s simple setup, you can be up and running within minutes.

Evolve Communication

Android and iOS capable so you can answer calls via the office phone extension and transfer calls effortlessly from anywhere.

Make the right call today:

Want to reduce your costs, while increasing productivity and mobility? Then you need 3CX Phone System, the complete, unified communications solution that delivers superior features and flexibility at a low price.

3CX is an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that improves productivity by combining voice mail, fax, email, and allowing employees to work remotely. This allows employees to take their extension with them on the go, so crucial calls are never missed. Users easily configure extension preferences online, thereby eliminating the need for IT staff.

3CX includes an iPhone and Android client that allows you to make and receive office calls on the go. And save by making internal office calls for free, and use the office number as you mobile caller ID.

Why Choose 3CX Phone System?

3CX Phone System is available in several editions based on the number of simultaneous calls (internal and external) your company makes. Upgrades are activated instantly with a license key so there’s no need to re-install. A feature comparison table can be found here>

See why thousands of businesses worldwide of all sizes, including Pepsi, American Express, Boeing, Harley Davidson, and M.I.T. are turning to 3CX. Watch the video and find out what makes 3CX different from other VoIP phone system solutions available.

Product features and benefits:

>     Easy to manage by an IT administrator.

>     Costs less to buy and expand.

>     Use existing hardware and make huge savings.

>     Better fault tolerance through easy backup of your PBX.

>     3CX Phone System is more scalable than hardware PBXs.

>     Better integration with other business applications.

>     Easily build voice applications to increase productivity.

Stay ahead of the competition:

Boost mobility, increase productivity and say goodbye to expensive phone bills with 3CX. Contact our IT specialists today!

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