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Axsys | Client Support

Trustworthy, experienced and cost-effective. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing support to clients Australia-wide, helping them reduce costs and increase uptime. Our award-winning Support team provides services essential to the daily running of your business.

From Exo to Advanced, you get reliable, informative and specific support where we guide you remotely using TeamViewer. Knowledge and experience: take comfort in knowing all our consultants have been certified by MYOB.

Whether it be technical support, assistance, or troubleshooting: we offer guaranteed response times. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that in the rare instance something does go wrong, the solution is close at hand, with many issues resolved on the spot.

Need Help?

We have cost effective support contracts featuring pre-paid hour options to help meet all budgets. And when it comes to estimates provided, take comfort in knowing the Support team will always stay within them. Client support is charged on a “do and charge” 15 minute incremental basis.

Phone Support:
Need questions answered? Need support? Call our support
team and get the help you need.

Call: 1300 553 228

MYOB Exo Email Support:
Convenience and rapid response times. Our dedicated Support team endeavour to respond to every email within 15 minutes of its arrival.

Email: support-exo@axsys.com.au

Remote Support:
By using TeamViewer, our consultants can securely access your computer and network server to resolve technical issues without attending on-site. TeamViewer is downloadable from here>

Support Team:

At Axsys, every consultant you speak with, is an MYOB Certified Exo Support Consultant, highly trained and
capable of providing custom solutions for your business. In addition, our award-winning support team are trained and knowledgeable in the following areas:

> Database mail

> T-SQL/Delphi coding for Advanced Clarity Reporting

> SQL Reporting Services

> SQL Programmability / integration

> EXO process customisation / development

> Advanced Exo Clarity Designers

> AutoDoc HSE – visit streamlinesoftware.net

So whatever your business needs, we can help!

Client Downloads:

Please feel free to download any of the following documents:

Minimum System Requirements:

The following documents contains recommended system requirements for MYOB Enterprise Solutions software.

You must ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements outlined. However, we strongly suggest you follow the recommended requirements or greater to ensure performance of your system is suitable to business operations.